Products & Solutions

  • Auto-Molding

    Automatic compression molding allows for the customization of large volumes of PTFE components with less waste and less machining.

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  • Hand-Molding

    Hand molded PTFE is the perfect solution for small-batch seals requiring a high quality material structure containing powerful physical properties.

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  • Machined

    Our experienced team is able to machine custom parts of nearly any size or shape using your prints, written specifications, detailed drawings, or sample parts.

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Why TriTec Polymers


Our expertise in blending our own compounds gives you the advantage of a having a custom-crafted solution in your hands, faster than industry standard.

We consistently stock over 130 different PTFE and modified PTFE blends, ensuring that after close collaboration between you and our engineering and design team, we will create the perfect custom blend for your various seals, bushings, or bearings.

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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Tritec Polymers is to provide a quality product in a timely fashion at a reasonable price for the customers we serve. We promise to always remain customer-focused, responsive, and sensitive to their changing needs, always exceeding expectations.

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