Tritec Polymers is a world-class leader in the engineering and design of custom PTFE compounds.

Our expertise in blending our own compounds gives you the advantage of a solution crafted specifically for your application. We consistently stock over 130 different PTFE and modified PTFE blends, ensuring that we can create a custom blend for your various seals, bushings, or bearings.

We strive to create lasting partnerships with our customers; to do this we promise a quick turnaround time and parts manufactured to ISO quality specifications. Our engineering expertise allows us to quickly prototype your solution, and have it in your hands much faster than the industry standard. We are able to boast a 2-4 week production time for typical runs, and a 2-3 day production time for emergency runs.

Our guarantee is a customized solution that will enhance the durability, functionality, and quality of your products. We encourage customers to work directly with our Engineering and Design teams to ensure an optimal solution to your specific application, delivered on time.

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